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Meet Our Veterinarians


Our doctors provide full service general medicine and surgical for our patients. In addition, they also pursue specific interests in other aspects of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Cardella is gifted at hospice and palliative care. Her dedication helps keep even the most fragile patients comfortable. In addition to treating dogs & cats, Dr. Cardella also cares for exotic mammals, birds and some reptiles for preventative care & minor ailments.

Dr. Cook is skilled at surgery and helping pets with behavior problems. He is also passionate about working on the medical and surgical conditions of older kitties.

Dr. Lynch understands what it is like to have pets with uncommon and serious medical problems, having experienced them herself with her own cats. She strives to help owners through this emotionally draining time by developing a logical diagnostic scheme to find the underlying cause and dedicating herself to researching and consulting on her patient’s behalf for treatment options. In addition to internal medicine, Dr. Lynch has an affinity for feline medicine and dentistry as well.

Dr. Davis loves working with older pets, especially if he can help them enjoy a good quality of life in their later years. From arthritis and joint pain to chronic kidney disease, if there is a way to make your pet comfortable, he will try to find it.

Dr. Riley enjoys the variety of cases that the veterinary profession provides. She finds it very gratifying to help a family though the challenges of raising a new puppy, provide relief to an older dog suffering from skin and ear infections, then work to determine the cause for a cat who has stopped eating, all in the same afternoon.


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