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I have always had a strong interest in animals and as a child I would try to get whatever critter I could into our house.  I had hermit crabs from beach trips, adopted class pets at the end of the year (hamsters and gerbils) and participated in as much pet sitting as possible.  I enjoyed spending time with all the neighbors’ cats and dogs and eventually convinced my family to rescue a dog from our local shelter.

As I grew, I developed a love of science and technology and graduated Penn State University with a Major in Genetics and Developmental Biology in 2003.  During my young professional career in upstate New York, I realized that medicine and my love of animals was my ultimate calling.  I solidified my interest by spending my free time at many local veterinary hospitals.

I enjoyed my time at Cornell University Veterinary School and graduated as a small animal veterinarian in 2011.  After graduation, I moved to Maryland where I developed a strong interest in veterinary dentistry and the importance of proper oral care.  I also realize the importance of client communication and want to make sure each owner has the knowledge and ability to make an informed decision about their pet’s healthcare.

In my spare time, I enjoy working in the garden, trying different recipes, and traveling with my wife (a fellow veterinarian) and son.  Our family also includes a geriatric Siamese cat and a Siberian Husky.


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