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meet morse davis veterinarian


When I was 18 and heading off to college, I could never understand it when classmates told me they were “undecided”. I had known all along that I only wanted one thing, to become a veterinarian.

After almost 25 years in this profession, I can tell you that being a vet is as great as I had imagined. Everyday I get to spend time with pets and the humans who love them. Sometimes they are visiting us for their regular check-ups. Other times, they come because they need healing. Each visit is an opportunity. If they are already healthy, I can discuss ways to keep them healthy. If the are not well, I am challenged with making them better, or at the very least, to ease their pain.

Unlike most of our human counterparts, veterinarians often know their patients from the day they were born to many, many years later, when we have to say goodbye. We also get to perform medicine, surgery and dentistry. How lucky is that! But it gets even better. At Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, I get to work with the very best people in our field – from the front desk staff, to our techs, assistants and vets. I’m also extremely fortunate to have people like you, my patient’s family!

Animals are awesome and have always been a large part of my life. Growing up, we had dogs, but anytime we visited my family’s tree nursery in Ohio, or any other farm, I could be found playing with the barn cats. I adopted my first two cats while in vet school, and and haven’t been without a cat since! I grew to love smaller mammals while working at the local pet store. My all time favorite “pocket pet” was my own white rat, Mika! During my senior year in high school, I was even lucky enough to get to get a science internship at the National Zoo spending several hours each week helping to care for small marsupials. Then, in college at the University of Vermont, I volunteered with a large animal veterinarian, working with dairy cows.


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