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Spread the Love Drive

#KAHSpreadtheLoveDrive - Kingsbrook Animal Hospital delivers dog biscuits to Frederick's homeless dogs!

During the month of February, we focused on looove and how we spread love every day. What better way to spread the love then to donate to our local animal shelter, Frederick County Animal Control?! We decided, with the help of the Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund, to donate homemade dog biscuits made by hand with love by the team at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital.

We posted on Facebook three pictures of our techs doing with they love- caring for our patients! For every ‘share’ the picture received we committed to donating 1 bag of dogs treats! Our amazing fans shared the pictures 251 times! That’s a lot of dog treats!

Then, our work really began- KAH Baking Day!

Julie cutting out the biscuits!

Lainey and Katie mixing the batter!

While the Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund purchased all of the ingredients, veterinary technicians- Samantha, Katie, Lainey, Christa, Melissa, and Julie all gathered together one recent Sunday afternoon to bake a lot of dog biscuits! In total, they baked over 600 dog biscuits! (and had a blast doing it!)

Lots and lots of biscuits in the making!

Samantha and Lainey on baking day!

Veterinary technician, Samantha, had the fun job of delivering the dog biscuits on Leap Day. What better way to spend and ‘extra’ day then sharing homemade dog biscuits with homeless dogs! While at FCAC, Samantha met Buckwheat, Rosco, China, and Dierk.

Buckwheat is a 3 year old lab mix. He is timid at first, but once you say hello, he is such a sweetheart! He was so gentle when Samanta gave him his cookies and he loved every last bite!

Buckwheat and Samantha

China and Samantha

China is a 1 year old pit bull mix who is a tiny little thing, but full of energy! She was so excited for attention, she didn’t even realize Samantha had dog biscuits! Once she finished her treat, she kept searching for more!

Rosco and Samantha

Rosco is a 9 year old dalmation/pit bull mix. He is a very sweet old man, but he didn’t let his age stop him from enjoying his dog biscuits!

Dierk is a 2 year old pit bull mix. He had watched all the other dogs get their biscuits and knew what was coming! When it was finally his turn, he was so excited he barley chewed them and they were gone in the blink of an eye! He spent another few minutes getting scratches from Samantha before wandering down the aisle, looking for any crumbs that the other dogs may have left behind.

We want to thank everyone who tok the time to share our pictures. Because of each of you, we were able to treat many homeless dogs in the Frederick area.

Keep spreading the love, friends!

Click HERE if you want to check out our dog biscuit recipe!
Contact Frederick County Animal Control if you are interested in any of the homeless dogs highlighted above.

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