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Bringing The Holidays To FCAC

The Kylie & Cricket Memorial Fund Brings The Holidays To FCAC

It’s that time of year!  The holidays are here, and one of the best ways to celebrate is by giving to others. Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, through the Kylie & Cricket Memorial Fund, was able to use the donations from November 12th’s Santa Paws photos to put together a special gift for Frederick County Animal Control!

Lots of candy for our FCAC friends!

KAH assistant Robin with the Kong toys the K&C Fund gifted to FCAC

On December 21st, KAH assistant Robin and technician Abby piled into the car with a huge gift-wrapped box of Kong toys, donations of food and blankets, and stockings full of candy for all of the technicians, assistants, doctors, and officers who make up the wonderful team at FCAC. While they were there, Abby and Robin were able to tour the facility and share the new toys with some super-grateful dogs.

KAH assistants Ebony & Robin, and technician Morgan,
working on the stockings! 

Now on to the wrapping!

Stockings and a whole box of Kongs, ready to gift.

FCAC is located at 1831 Rosemont Avenue in Frederick, and within their walls are several wonderful animals waiting for a forever family. Besides dogs and cats, there are chickens, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and even a hedgehog. While Abby and Robin were visiting with the staff and taking the tour, two families filed applications for adoption!

Robin and Abby with the FCAC staff and
all of KAH’s donations

Abby cuddles Bella and Robin holds Max,
a bonded pair of adorable dogs up
for adoption at FCAC

KAH is so excited to be able to share these gifts with FCAC, and it’s all possible because of the wonderful donations that have been made to the Kylie & Cricket Memorial Fund. From all of us at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, have a fantastic 2016 holiday season!

Robin shares a Wubba with Max

Abby gives a Wubba toy to Raven

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