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Veterinarians in Frederick MD
Meet Vica


I have had a passion for helping people and animals since a young age. I grew up with a household full of pets, there is not a time I remember not having a furry friend. As I started growing up, I acknowledged my passion for animals, but thought it would be too hard to see a suffering animal come through the doors. I switched my pathway to focus more on helping humans and got my Bachelor of Art in Criminology with a Psychology minor at Slippery Rock University. It was during this time in college one of my cats was diagnosed with renal disease and needed to be given subcutaneous fluids every single day. This was my first experience of having a sick animal that needed more than a pill to be treated. It was then I realized that I could handle the pressures of seeing a sick/injured animal. My outlook changed from being scared to realizing that I get to be a part of making these pets and their owners feel better.

I joined the Kingsbrook team because of their compassion and amazing atmosphere. This place is not just a place of work, it is like a mini family. Everyone is willing to lend a extra hand not only to the clients and pets but to the rest of the team.


Mon – Fri: 7:45am – 6:00pm
Sat:    7:45am – 1:00pm