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Meet Patricia Veterinary Assistant at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for working with animals. Around the age of 4, I would chase rabbits in my backyard, in hopes of catching a pet. My older brother ended up taking me to a shelter where we adopted our rabbit Steve as a “birthday present for my mom.” She definitely got a kick out of that one. Since then, I’ve been surprising my family with all sorts of furry friends from guinea pigs and rabbits to hamsters, fish, and my dog Lila. Currently, the score is two dogs, two cats, one guinea pig and way too many birds.

Even with all those pets, I kept thinking that I wanted to be an architect until I realized that there’s more to designing houses than drawing on a sheet of paper. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I decided to turn my attention to veterinary. I started taking agriculture classes where I got to handle some small animals before following the FFA to their farm shows to hand out ice cream and watch the sheep prance around.

I graduated from Wilson College with a major in Veterinary Medicine. Finding an internship was tough, but I found my way over to Kingsbrook where I quickly fell in love with the atmosphere. Not only were my new coworkers inviting and friendly, but the clients that came through the door just brightened my day. I love getting to meet you guys, and I hope to serve you and your furry pets for years to come!


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