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Meet Morgan


I started working at Kingsbrook in 2014. I always knew I wanted to work in veterinary medicine, even at a young age. Initially I wanted to be a veterinarian, but once I started taking classes at Wilson College my mindset changed. The vet techs had all the fun jobs; drawing blood, placing catheters, and monitoring anesthesia. I graduated from Wilson College in May of 2016 with a BS degree in Veterinary Medical Technology. I passed my board exams in July 2016 and became a registered veterinary technician.

At Kingsbrook, I am fortunate enough to work with so many passionate people who share the same goals as I do. Our goal is not only helping pets feel better, but also partnering with the owners to provide the best medicine possible. It is an environment where I am encouraged to broaden my interests and special skills every day.

My interests in veterinary medicine include surgery, ultrasonography, and laboratory diagnostics- running bloodwork, cytology’s, etc.

I currently reside in Gettysburg Pa with my husband, along with our cat, Brie, and our Bulldog/Pitbull mix, Bleu. I love spending time outside. Whether that be swimming, hiking, hanging in my hammock, or riding my motorcycle.


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