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Feline Diabetes

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If your cat has been diagnosed with diabetes, we know you are concerned. While there is no cure, the disease can usually be managed quite well with the support of your veterinary team. Because this is a chronic disease, it can change over time, so your veterinary team will want to re-evaluate your cat often to avoid serious and potentially life-threatening complications.

Websites we recommend
Cat Friendly Homes’ feline diabetes page is a review of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.
International Cat Care’s feline diabetes mellitus page not only discusses symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment but also has tips for weight loss in overweight diabetic cats.​
Cornell Feline Health Center’s feline diabetes page also includes tips for treatment, possible complications, and how you can monitor your diabetic cat at home.

Videos we recommend
​Cat Healthy’s my diabetic cat video series.
American Assoc. of Feline Practitioners’ video ontaking a blood sample from the ear vein for home testing.
International Cat Care has two useful videos on how to give your cat an insulin injection and home blood glucose testing for your cat.
Cornell Feline Health Center has a video series on Caring for your diabetic cat.


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