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Feline Arthritis

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If your cat has been diagnosed with arthritis, we know you are concerned. Arthritis is very common in older cats and can cause them to feel painful every day. You might not notice changes until your cat has had arthritis for some time because identifying the signs of chronic pain are not easy. That’s where we can help. While there is no cure, the good news is that effective medications are available that will improve your cat’s quality of life. 

Websites we recommend:​​
Cat Friendly Homes’ page on degenerative joint disease (arthritis) in cats has a good discussion of the symptoms.

International Cat Care’s page on arthritis and degenerative joint disease is a good overview particularly for treatment options.

Cornell Feline Health Center’s article called Is your cat slowing down? discusses why changes may not be due to age, but could be signs of arthritis.

Videos we recommend:
How to spot arthritis in your cat discusses how you can tell if you cat may have arthritis.

In caring for senior cats – arthritis support for the older cat feline expert Dr. Sarah Caney explains how to spot the signs of arthritis in your cat and discusses the many ways this condition can be successfully managed. 

Does your cat show signs of chronic pain? is a 4-minute review of the signs of arthritis.


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