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Helping Rose!

The Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund has helped another local Frederick homeless animal... who is now available for adoption!!

Thanks to the generous donations to our Kylie & Cricket Memorial Fund, Kingsbrook Animal Hospital has been able to help another local Frederick dog in need!

Dear Friends of Kylie & Cricket,

Rose and technician, Lainey

My name is Rose and I am a 10 year old female Poodle!  I was found as a stray by a good Samaritan and brought to Frederick County Animal Control.  When I was brought in, the folks at animal control found that I was intact and had multiple mammary tumors.  They contacted Kingsbrook Animal Hospital to see if there was something that the Kylie & Cricket Memorial Fund could do to help!  Luckily, KAH had an opening and were able to get me in the same week!

Rose and assistant, Caitlynn

Technician Rush getting my weight for my big day.

Technician Rush checking me in for surgery.

Dr.  Kemper began my physical examination and realized that I was badly in need of an oral evaluation & cleaning.  I was afraid to tell anyone, but my mouth REALLY hurt!  First, Robin, veterinary technician, and Caitlynn, veterinary assistant, needed to take digital X-rays.  Dr. Kemper knew that I had 5 mammary-chain tumors, but he wanted to make sure that there were no other signs of cancer that may have spread within my body.  After all, there is a 50/50 chance that mammary tumors could be cancerous!  Then, Dr. Kemper looked over my bloodwork results and determined that it was safe for me to go under anesthesia. 

Robin getting ready to take my picture!

Dr. Kemper started with a physical exam.

Rush getting my teeth nice and clean.

Since my surgery was going to be quite extensive, Dr. Davis kindly stepped in to help.  They scrubbed up and got to work on doing my spay first and carefully removing each tumor to send out for biopsy.  After my sutures were placed, Rush, surgery technician, began my oral evaluation and cleaning.  Rush took digital oral X-rays while Robin monitored and recorded my vitals to be sure I was stable throughout the procedure.  It was a good thing we took X-rays because there was a lot going on!  Dr. Kemper and Dr. Davis found multiple missing teeth, bone loss, and recessed gums.  By the end of the day, I had a total of 13 teeth extracted!  Wowee!  Since I had a lot of work done and spent a long time under anesthesia, Lainey, veterinary technician, decided to take me home to keep a close eye on me throughout the night.  She even brought me straight to my foster family the next morning!

Rush taking oral x-rays.

Dr. Davis & Dr. Kemper working to remove multiple tumors.

Already feeling so much better the next morning!

So far, my recovery has been great! I’ve come back to see Dr. Davis to have my drain removed and my sutures checked for any signs of infection.  And my mouth feels great!  When I came back for my recheck, Aaron, veterinary assistant, took a peek in my mouth and it didn’t hurt at all! I’m a very lucky girl.  The good news doesn’t end there, all of my tumor biopsies have come back benign except for one that is abnormal, but Dr. Kemper is very optimistic about the outcome!

While I am currently being cared for by my very sweet foster mom, I am still looking for my fur-ever home!  So, friends, take a chance on me!  I promise to shower you with nothing but unconditional sweetness and love.  Not sure?  Call and ask any of my new friends at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, they’ll tell you – I’m a keeper!

Your Friend,


Me and my friend, Julia.

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