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Flat KAH travels far, but also stays near

Sassy and her Staycation

We have had so much fun watching the unique places that our Flat Doctors have traveled!  The ‘flats’ have traveled by planes and boats and have gone all over the world. They have clearly had many adventures as their counterparts stayed close to home continuing to treat the pets of Frederick, MD.  Perhaps some of our most endearing photos come from a kitty named Sassy. Her parents sent an email describing the attached photos of Flat Dr. Cook and Sassy. After reading it, we had to share… 

“Sassy is a young 18 years old and has been going to see Dr. Cook since before he started at Kingsbrook AH.  She was found along the road during a heavy rainstorm and when we opened the car door to check on her, she hopped right in.  After contacting all the neighbors to determine who she belonged to, we learned she was a stray and belonged to us.  She has been with us since 1998 and is a very smart and special kitty. 

Flat Dr. Cook taking a cat nap.

We learned very early that she didn’t mind travelling in the car as long as she could sit in the front seat and occasionally look out the window, to the surprise and delight of passing vehicles, especially those with children.  Due to her age, diminished hearing, and kidney disease, Sassy’s travelling days are over except for trips to see her favorite vet, Dr Cook and his staff.  In her younger days she was an inside, outside cat who enjoyed hunting mice and sharing her catch with us.  She was more like a dog and stayed close to us when out in the yard always keeping track of our whereabouts.  As she aged she preferred to stay inside and now has a simpler life. 

So we would like to share Sassy’s Staycation with you.  She likes to eat 5 to 6 meals a day and is showing Dr. Cook that he is not splurging on her staycation, but sticking to her diet of K/D.  Her Daddy is her favorite.  She will roll over on her back and will stare at him until he comes and kisses her belly, which he always does.  She loves watching the birds, insects, rabbits, etc outside, her Kitty TV, and wanted to share this joy with Dr. Cook.  (She did notice the bird on your shoulder Dr Cook and sniffed it to make sure it wasn’t real)!   Finally, all this activity has worn her out and she is taking one of her many naps

One thing we meant to mention was that shortly after Sassy found us she got very ill.  Even Dr. Cook wasn’t sure if she would recover, but he tenaciously pursued every avenue and saved our precious little girl.  For this we are forever thankful, for as we said she has a personality that an owner will see in a pet once in their lifetime, if they are lucky.”

Sassy and Flat Dr. Cook enjoying her Staycation.

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