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Face Book Likes for Kingsbrook!

1,200 Facebook likes for Kingsbrook Animal Hospital = $307 donated to the Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund!

The Kingsbrook Animal Hospital 1,200 Like Facebook Campaign was a huge success!! 
Our goal was to reach 1,200 ‘Likes’ on the Kingsbrook Animal Hospital Facebook by August 1st! If successful, the doctors agreed to 2 things…
#1- They would donate $250 to the Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund
#2- Each doctor would take a pie to the face!!
We succeeded!!!
We even reached our goal early- before August 1st! So, our doctors took it a step further..They agreed to donate an additional $1 for every extra ‘Like’ over 1,200. 
The grand total was 1,257 ‘Likes’!  That means $307 donated to the Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund! Woot Woot!
oh, and about the ‘pieing’…. here is a sneak peak!

Stacey and Dr. Davis- the aftermath!!

Check out the KAH you tube channel to see the video! You won’t be disappointed! 😉

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