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Kylie and Cricket FAQ’s

What is the Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund?

The Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund was established in 2012 in honor of two beautiful dogs whose lives were cut short by a tragic house fire. The goal of the memorial fund is to directly help animals in need in the Frederick, MD area who have yet to find their forever home.

Read our STORY to learn more about how and why the K&C Fund began.

Read some past BLOG posts to see how the K&C Fund has already changed the lives of many area pets.

How is it different then other memorial funds?

With many other organizations out there, it is reasonable to ask- How is the Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund any different? Well, that’s easy. The Kylie and Memorial Fund is…

  • Local – Occasionally, we will use money from the Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund to help animals affected by natural disasters (like the Oklahoma tornadoes), but primarily the fund is intended to help animals in our local Frederick area. We have worked with local shelters and humane societies to ensure our help goes directly to the animals who need it most.
  • Direct – The Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund is a non-profit fund that is organized and maintained by the staff at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital in Frederick, MD.  None of the donations are used to advertise, promote, or maintain the fund. Staff at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital volunteer their time to work on projects to help the fund and to ensure it’s success. So, that means 100% of donations goes DIRECTLY to help the animals who need it most. That way we can help as many animals as our donations allow!
  • You can see your money in action! – There is nothing better than knowing that you have directly helped a local animal in need.. except maybe SEEING what a difference your donation has made.  This idea led us to start this blog, so that all of our generous donors can see first hand all the good they have done. We’ve seen the difference the Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund has made, now it’s time you can too!

How can I help?

We’ve made it even easier to help! In addition to collecting donations at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, we now are able to accept donations online. So no need to make an extra trip!


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