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Way to go Watson!

Eileen and her dog Watson have completed the requirements to be a wags for hope team. They will visit nursing homes and assisted living homes. Eileen is very excited about being able to share her sweet dog with other people in need of some canine affection!

Wags for Hope

“Wags for Hope is a non-profit organization that provides volunteers with their pets to bring joy to the lives of others. We call on nursing homes, assisted living and hospice facilities, among other places. In addition, we supply local libraries and schools with certified R.E.A.D.® teams, who are using their animals as a conduit to help improve the literacy skills of the children in our community.

We aspire to be a “one-stop shopping” organization supplying animal visitations for therapy purposes wherever needed in northwestern Maryland. We are always seeking volunteers who would like to contribute a little of their time per month with their pets.

How much time you devote is strictly up to you. We would prefer a handler willing to offer a minimum of two visits per month. You may be surprised how much you and your pet(s) will benefit from this. We welcome folks without pets too!” Wags for hope website…