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Kingsbrook Animal Hospital’s Top 5 Things To Remember When Traveling With Your Pet

There’s no place like home for the holidays! Traveling with your pets can be a very exciting adventure…especially during the winter months. When traveling with pets during this holiday season there are even more things to consider too!
Here are the TOP 5 TRAVEL TIPS for winter-wanderings with your four-legged family:

Having a first aid kit on hand with some basic supplies is a great idea while traveling.

Anything can happen; especially when having to stop for frequent potty breaks. Having a small first aid kit for your pet that includes things like clean water, a bowl, extra leash, baby wipes to clean off paws, Neosporen-type ointment, gauze squares, paper towels, and tweezers can be helpful in the event of a small accident. Also the addresses and phone numbers for emergency
animal hospitals along your route in the case of a big accident can be very helpful, or at the very least, put your mind at ease.
Making sure you have a current Rabies Certificate and up to date vaccine certificate is very
helpful when crossing state lines; depending on where you are traveling to, an Interstate Health
Certificate or an International Health Certificate may be needed. Certain pet-friendly hotels will
want documents like the Rabies Certificate as well to make sure they are allowing vaccinated
fur-guests into the rooms. Plus in the event that a stop at a vets office is necessary during your
trip, you can present them with Fido’s vaccine history.

KAH CSR Kelly’s sweet Wyatt loves to ride in the car! Use a seatbelt or tether to keep pets safely anchored in the backseat.

Having your pet sit on your lap or ride ‘shotgun’ with you may seem like a good idea, but slippery conditions can be unpredictable due to the weather changing so quickly during this time of year. Having your pet secure in the car is the best option for their safety (and yours)! A kennel, carrier or pet-specific seat belt is a great way to make sure that they don’t go flying in the event of a car accident or sudden stop.
Providing toys, chews or treats is a great way to make sure your furry family member is occupied during long trips. Making things like a Kong Pupsicle is a great way to keep Rover busy for a while! (soak their kibble in water, smush it into a Kong toy then freeze- VOILA!). You may want to avoid things like stuffed animals that can be destroyed and ingested since you’ll be driving and unable to keep a continuous eye on them.
Having your pets everyday items are a must for traveling with them. Food and
water bowls, daily medications, food, collar/harness, leash and ID tags are an
absolute must. Having extra bowls, leashes and collars are a really good idea to
have ‘just-in-case’. Absorbent towels and plastic bags are a staple item during the
winter time- nothings worse than a wet dog and 8 more hours to drive!

Dog Friendly Beaches

Dog Beaches in Maryland

2-Bruno 1

Bruno keeps it safe with his lifejacket on while canoeing!

A great way to spend a hot summers day with your dog is at the beach. We are so lucky to have 4 different dog friendly beaches in our area. Assateague National Sheashore, Downs Memorial Dog Park, Matapeake Park, and Terrapin Nature Park. Although all of these beaches are not right around the corner, they will make for a great day trip with your dogs. Think about it… taking a stroll on the beach with your pooch or splashing in the waves sounds like a perfect summers day.

Assateague National Seashore, not to be confused with Assateague State Park ( which is not dog friendly) is a short 8 miles from Ocean City. Here, your dog can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Assateague with you and your family. Also, for all of you that have retrievers (or other dogs that like to retrieve 😉 in the off season your dog can retrieve off lead in the water. For all of you horse lovers keep an eye out for the wild horses that roam the island.

1-Tiller 2

Tiller on one of our beautiful Maryland Beaches

Downs Park is a 236 acre park located in Pasadena. Here your dog can run freely up on the beach and in the water. You and your dog can enjoy the Chesapeake Bay together. If you are looking for a place for your dog to play with other dogs on the beach, sounds like this is the beach for you!

Matapeake Park is also a very dog friendly beach where your dog can run off lead on the beaches and water. This park is located in Stevensville just across the bay bridge. There is a public beach with a clubhouse, with a nearby trail that goes along the dog park. Sounds like a blast!

Terrapin Nature Park is nearby Matapeake Park in Stevensviile. The entrance is located off Log Canoe Circle. The trail to gain access to this beach is through a 270 acre nature park, through marsh, tidal ponds, and woodlands for all of your adventurous dogs and dog owners. Here you will see great view of the Chesapeake at a small beach along the shore.

Hope you all enjoy the beautiful beaches that we have nearby. How lucky we are to have these four awesome places to share with our dog friends so close to home! Have a great sumer, and enjoy the beach!

1-Tiller 3

Tiller on Eastport Dock in Annapolis

Pet Airways Bumps Pets Up to First Class

Finally, an airline for the discriminating canine traveler takes off. That’s right. Those stuffy cargo days are over for the 76 million jet set pets each year; pets of all sizes are now welcome in the main cabin. The first scheduled airline designed exclusively for pet passengers, Pet Airways (PAWS) welcomes pets aboard its specially equipped cabins by Spring-Summer 2009.

A huge relief for pet people everywhere, the introduction of this much-needed airline will help reduce the number of pets injured, lost (and worse) on airlines, and our big dogs now have alternatives. Currently, any pet too big to sleep under the cabin seat must be shipped as cargo (and are likely treated accordingly). And pet cargo travel is not even available when outside temperatures are below 45 or above 85 degrees.

Just imagine – bright, climate-controlled, pressurized cabins staffed by trained pet attendants every step of the way. Potty breaks and fresh food and water at scheduled stops, medications administered for pups that need them, it’s finally here. Your furry “pawsenger” will lounge on board Pet Airways FAA regulated fleet of twenty Falcon 20, Convair 580 and 5800 and B-727-100 aircraft. Initial routes are scheduled from New York to Los Angeles with stops in Washington DC, Chicago and Denver into smaller, less crowded airports for faster boarding. All this for fares starting as low as $150 per pet, based on size and distance traveled.

You can even enroll your dog in the Pet Airways MyPAWS Club for discounts on pet-friendly hotels, pet insurance, medications and even supplies at the PetAirways online store. Become a Platnuim MyPAWS Club member before the end of January for $49.99 and get a free Pet Airways Flight.

With so few airlines opening their cabins to pups on the go, this is tail-wagging news for jet set pets across the map.