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Stumpers is a 4-5 year old Male cat that was found as a stray here in the Frederick area. A gentleman brought him in because the cat had been hanging around his house for the past 6 weeks. The gentleman recently decided to try and keep the cat, so he wanted him to be examined by a Veterinarian. Upon examination, it was found out that the cat had a microchip. We were able to contact the owner who had said she has moved out of the area. Stumpers (previously named Amigo) was supposed to be staying in a temporary home with a friend until finding something permanent. Unfortunately he had gotten out, but now has made himself comfortable wandering around someone’s house. The wonderful gentleman that brought him in was happy to give him a forever home. This is one lucky cat! As you can see, he is extra special because he as extra toes! That’s where his new name came from 🙂

Meet Rory

Meet Rory! He is a 1-2 yr old DSH. He is Veterinary Assistant, Nicolette’s, newest addition to her family. He was found in Frederick by one of the techs at KAH as a stray. He must have spent time with lots of families because of how friendly and personable he was. Nicolette couldn’t resist, so she took him home. He has such a personality and is quite curious. He loves to get into the trash can, break the blinds and go fishing in the fish tank! But it’s all accompanied by lots of snuggles and kitty kisses, so it’s worth it 🙂

Meet Sophia Loren

Meet Sophia Loren. She came to Kingsbrook Animal Hospital on 8/5/11 through Frederick County Animal Control after they were contacted by someone who found her wondering in a local business parking lot. She is a sweet 9 pound poodle mix that had obviously suffered some serious neglect. She had evenly spaced infected wounds on the side of her neck where something must have been poking into her skin. She was covered from head to toes to the tip of her tail in about 2 inches of solid matts and had to be shaved to the skin. She also had abrasive lesions on her side and knee. She has been adopted by a staff member at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital and is ready to start her life as an 8 year old girl’s “dream dog”. Welcome to the Kingsbrook Animal Hospital family Sophia. We are so glad you found us.

Lookin for Love

Hi! I am a sweet male stray kitty in need of home. I was neutered, dewormed and vaccinated at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital. I tested negative for Felv/FiV. You can visit me at the hospital or call for more information.

Bo’s Guardian Angel

Bo is an adult mixed breed dog that was found running loose near Keyser, West Virginia after being struck by a car. A good samaritan captured him and brought him into Kingsbrook Animal Hospital for a medical evaluation. After administering sedation and pain medication, Dr Cook did a thorough exam and ordered radiographs (x-rays) of Bo’s hips and lower extremities.

In the first radiograph above, the arrow indicates the area of trauma. The femoral head (the ball of the hip joint) had been fractured and displaced. The second radiograph was taken after surgery to remove the damaged femoral head (femoral head osteotomy). The muscles will support the joint until a “false” socket of callous forms. With lots of love and physical therapy, Bo will be on his feet again in no time. Special thanks to the guardian angel that saved his life.