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Pet Pages

We have spotted some local celebrities in the Frederick News Post. Kingsbrook patients (clockwise): Moose Murray, Macy Murray, Freya Mathias, Bouree Little-Gratz, T.C. (Too Cute) Little-Gratz and Lucy Zoberbier were featured on the Sunday Pet Pages.

If you would like to see your four-legged friend’s picture in the Frederick News-Post e-mail your pictures to We hope to see you soon!

What Is In Your Mix??

Hi, My name is Lucy. Aren’t I the cutest dog you ever saw? I am a rescue from the Humane Society of DC. My Mommy found me on Petfinder by typing in Chihuahua. Obviously I am not a full blooded Chi. My Mom didn’t care. She wanted me anyway. She even had to beat out 35 other applicants in order to take me home. Boy am I glad she won!

Anyway, the first thing she did was take me to the nice folks at Kingsbrook. During my first exam, Mommy asked what else they thought I was mixed up with. Obviously, everyone could see the Chi in me. However, no one was sure what else was in here. Everyone did agree that it was some sort of Terrier. The guesses ran the gambit.

When my Mommy walks me, almost everyone who sees us asks “What kind of dog is that?” For the longest time, my Mommy would say Chihuahua and some sort of Terrier. That would prompt guesses and advice from everyone. Yeah, she looks Carin Terrier, or Maltese, Shitzu, Jack Russell, etc. They always gave reasons for their guesses, my eyes, my hair, my beautiful smile, etc.

One Saturday, I was at Kingsbrook getting a Lyme booster. Miss Kelly gave Mommy a brochure for the Wisdom Test. It was sure to tell us what kind of Terrier I was. So, Mommy immediately had my blood drawn for the test. We anxiously waited for about 2 weeks. Then one day Mommy came home to a message that my results were back. We could hardly wait to call back the next day to find out my ancestry.

Well, boy did Mommy find what they told her interesting…Miss Lynn told my Mommy I was of course, Chihuahua and….Miniature Poodle. Poodle, who would have thought?!! Not a drop of Terrier showed up in the analysis. Boy was everyone wrong about me. But of course, if someone would have asked me, I would have said, “Terrier, ha, fat chance!” “I’m a Chi Min Oodle!”