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Kingsbrook Animal Hospital in Frederick, MD, Celebrates National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

November 6th through 12th is National Animal Shelter Appreciation week!  KAH has a great partnership with Frederick County Animal Control (FCAC), which runs a wonderful animal shelter. Many of our most loving and grateful patients here at KAH are rescues from FCAC. However, there are still lots of animals at FCAC waiting patiently for a new family- many of them are senior pets.

FCAC is located at 1832 Rosemont Avenue in Frederick. You can also visit their website at:  FCAC not only helps care for animals in need of homes, but also helps to educate the public about laws involving animals and issues in our area that may affect our pets. FCAC offers many great resources for pet owners including a library on animal behavior, assistance finding lost or missing pets, a pet food bank for pet owners who cannot afford food for their furry family members, and even quarterly rabies/microchip clinics.

KAH's 2016 Vet Academy students at FCAC

KAH’s 2016 Vet Academy students at FCAC

In early October, Kingsbrook Animal Hospital’s Vet Academy met at FCAC to discuss adopting pets, the importance of spaying/neutering, and shelter medicine. At FCAC, KAH’s Vet Academy students learned that shelter medicine concentrates on keeping animals in shelters healthy and happy by preventing and controlling infectious diseases such as kennel cough. Our Vet Academy students were also given a behind-the-scenes tour of the shelter. Afterwards, they took a few moments to express their appreciation for all of the hard work that everyone at FCAC puts in each day!

To honor National Animal Shelter Appreciation week, the staff of Kingsbrook Animal Hospital donated $500.00 of pet food to Frederick County Animal Control. This contribution will help ensure that all of FCAC’s “guests” have plenty to eat while they’re waiting for their new forever families. The funds for the donation came from KAH’s Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund, a nonprofit fundraising organization that helps Kingsbrook Animal Hospital give back to the community. You can check out the Kylie & Cricket blog page at

KAH employees Tiki and Julie showcasing our $500 food donation!

KAH employees Tiki and Julie showcasing our $500 food donation!

To learn more about Frederick County Animal Control, or to make a contribution, refer to the FCAC website at  Another great organization KAH has worked with in the past is the Animal Welfare League of Frederick: Click here to visit their website!

Meet Sophia Loren

Meet Sophia Loren. She came to Kingsbrook Animal Hospital on 8/5/11 through Frederick County Animal Control after they were contacted by someone who found her wondering in a local business parking lot. She is a sweet 9 pound poodle mix that had obviously suffered some serious neglect. She had evenly spaced infected wounds on the side of her neck where something must have been poking into her skin. She was covered from head to toes to the tip of her tail in about 2 inches of solid matts and had to be shaved to the skin. She also had abrasive lesions on her side and knee. She has been adopted by a staff member at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital and is ready to start her life as an 8 year old girl’s “dream dog”. Welcome to the Kingsbrook Animal Hospital family Sophia. We are so glad you found us.

Strut Your Mutt

Somerford House and Place at 2100 Whittier Drive in Frederick is having a Strut Your Mutt walk, judging contest and pet food drive on Sat, August 21st from 10:00-12:00. Food collected will be donated to Frederick County Animal Control. Go to for more information.

Collecting Donations for FCAC

Hi. My name is Olivia Carlson and I am currently attending Middletown Middle School. I am collecting donations for the Frederick County Animal Control for a student learning project. The reason I picked this project is due to my love for animals. I will have a drop box located at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital for collecting donations from September 20th until October 4th. If you donate, one more animal will be happy. Any donation will be GREATLY appreciated.

Needed items:

*Pet toys (all types; small animals, including birds and farm animals)
*Pet cages
*Pet beds, bedding and litter
*Pet food and treats
*leashes and collars
*towels and blankets
*Pet care books
*Pet care videos
*Pet shampoos or baby shampoo (used and samples okay)
*Dawn dish washing detergent
*Gift certificates from Drs. Foster and Smith pet supply
*Acidophilus from health food store
*Fencing material or fence repair