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Kingsbrook Animal Hospital Fights The Battle Of The Bulge

January is well under way, and at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital in Frederick, MD there are a lot of New Year’s resolutions in progress! A popular resolution is to get in shape.  Unfortunately, about 53% of dogs and 58% of cats in the United States are overweight too. Obesity in pets, just like in people, predisposes our furry friends to diabetes, joint pain, and other health problems that don’t go away easily.

Getting out to enjoy the sunshine is a great way to strut your stuff…and burn some calories!

Since they can’t do it all on their own, here are Kingsbrook Animal Hospital’s Top 5 Tips for getting pets bikini-ready:

  1. Take a walk! The extra cardio will help you both get in shape. If visiting a dog park, be present when introducing new dogs and make sure all four-footed parties are fully vaccinated. Cats can go for walks, too! Pick up a cat harness from the pet store and introduce it slowly. Let Fluffy take the first steps outside all on her own. Click this link for more tips on walking cats.
  2. Adorable KAH patient Cooper shows off his new stuffy. Toys make everything more fun!

    Make time for play! Most cats love laser pointers, but every kitty has a favorite toy. Try a variety of low-cost options such as a crumpled piece of paper or a ping-pong ball. Try rope toys or a new Kong for a playful dog. For dogs who don’t play much, food puzzle toys can provide enrichment with a tasty reward.

  3. Add a salad! Try cutting back a little on the kibbles and mixing in some green beans or canned pumpkin. The fiber fills up pets for longer without adding calories. To get the exact amounts for a specific pet, please consult a veterinarian. Our KAH doctors are happy to help!
  4. Eat and run! Pets who constantly beg for food can make weight loss challenging. Measure out a portion for Fluffy or Rover, then throw each kibble to make the pet chase. Start with chasing a small amount and offering the rest in the pet’s normal bowl, and slowly work up to the whole meal. Another great idea is playing “hide and seek” by stashing small amounts of food here and there so the

    Hills Metabolic prescription food helps where other weight loss methods have failed.

    pet has to “forage” for dinner.

  5. When all else fails, ask a veterinarian about Hill’s Metabolic Diet. This prescription food, when fed as directed, is guaranteed to shed those stubborn pounds.

Exercise More

Nothing stalls the progression of time better than exercise. Regardless of your pet’s current physical status, daily walks or play can rewind years’ worth of damage and boost your pet’s mental and physical health. For dogs, a brisk 20-to-30 minute walk once or twice a day is just what this doctor orders. For cats, interactive toys such as feather dancers, laser lights or remote controlled toys can get even the laziest cat on its feet. Whatever activities you choose, just do it-doctor’s orders.

Fetch Spring/Summer 2010

Doggin’ Maryland

“Have you ever considered how far you walk with your dog? “If you walk just 15 minutes a day, you will have walked far enough in your dog’s lifetime to cross the United States (”

Doggin’ Maryland details the 100 best places for walking, hiking and camping with your 4-legged buddy in the state of Maryland…

The 10 best dog-friendly beaches
20 Acres of amusement park ruins (along the Chesapeake Bay)
Bald Eagle viewing (Susquehanna State and Downs Memorial Park)
The very first Chromium mines in America (Baltimore County)
Original model trains (Leakin Park)
Beautiful outdoor sculptures (Quiet Waters Park)
The second oldest active railroad tunnel in the world (Patapsco State Park)
Wild Orchid viewing (Maryland has over 42 species)
Dog-friendly trails to Maryland’s highest Waterfall and Maryland’s Highest Mountain

As well as…

Tips on outfitting your dog for a hike
Tips on practicing low-impact hiking with your dog
Local beach regulations
Local campsite regulations