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Make Mine Chocolate!

Rabbits are a familiar symbol of the Easter holiday. In the days leading up to it, they appear on television commercials and packages of candy, and stores are filled with stuffed rabbits. It is no surprise that children beg their parents for a bunny of their own. Ill-prepared to care for these unique creatures, their “owners” often quickly tire of them. In the months following Easter, local humane societies and rabbit rescues are flooded with rabbits, former Easter gifts whose “owners” no longer want them. The unlucky ones are dumped outside where predators, cars, illness, and injury virtually guarantee an early death.

In 2002, in an attempt to address the problem, the Columbus House Rabbit Society began a campaign to educate the public on the realities of living with a rabbit, and to discourage giving live rabbits as Easter gifts. Our goal is to educate the public of the challenges of properly caring for rabbits and to encourage them to purchase chocolate Easter bunnies rather than live rabbits.


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Chocolate Toxicity

This sweet Senior patient came into Kingsbrook with a history of consuming a large amount of milk chocolate the previous night. “Chipper” presented with symptoms of restlessness, pacing, panting and shaking. Although dark chocolate is more likely to cause toxicity, because of the large volume consumed and the small stature of the dog, it was determined toxicity was likely. Chipper was hospitalized on IV fluids and a variety of medications and is on his way to recovery, thank goodness!!

* Theobromide, a component of chocolate, is toxic to dogs. It can cause central nervous and cardiac stimulation, increased blood pressure, nausea/vomiting and death.