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Itching for fall

Autum is actually the peak time for ragweed and mold spores, which are common allergerns for two- and four-leggers alike. If your pet is prone to allergies, follow these tips to avoid potential fall flare-ups:

Mold thrives in decaying vegetation, such as leaves. Once you’ve raked all the leaves from your yard into piles, be sure to bag them up to avoid mold growth.

If your pet is sensitive to allergens, avoid or limit outdoor playtime, especially among the leaves. A good time for outdoor play is after a rainfall.

Bump up the number of baths your pet gets during her peak allergy season. Twice weekly bathing can keep allergen levels down. Using soothing shampoos and creme rinses will help quiet irritated skin.

Fleas and ticks can contribute to =itchy si=kin. Be sure to use a monthly preventative, such as Frontline, regularly.

Add omega-3 fatty acids to your pet’s diet. In addition to contributing to helthy skin, they can be beneficial to your pet’s joints and cognitive function.

If your pet’s itch can’t be easily scratched, visit your veterinarian. Oral antihistamines or steroids may be necessary. For persistant seasonal allergies, consider having your pet tested to determine the source of the trouble.

Fetch 2011 No. 3 issue 9

Allergies Related to Coat Color?

Are dark colored cats more likely to cause allergies in their owners than light colored cats? Studies have shown conflicting data. For more information, go to

No matter the color of your pet, if you have allergies, we recommend HEPA air filters, keeping the pet out of the bedroom and bathing it often.

Boosters for Baby’s Immune System

New parents often worry whether having a cat or dog around the house will make their baby more prone to allergies, but that shouldn’t be a concern, according to Dennis Ownby, M.D., chief of the Allergy-Immunology Section of the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. Research clearly shows that household pets don’t increase the risk of allergies, he says. In fact, there’s some evidence that pets may actually offer infants allergy protection. It all ties back to what Ownby calls the “hygiene hypothesis”; that super-clean, disinfected modern living ironically makes humans more prone to allergies. Ownby says having a pet may help desensitize babies’ immune systems, making allergic reactions of all types less likely. More research needs to be done, but Ownby says, “The take-home is that they certainly don’t do any harm and that there may actually be some protection.”

Randy’s Itchy Skin

Hi, my name is Randy.  Recently, I developed a rash on my belly, and boy does it itch!  The only way I can find relief is by scratching & chewing at it.  My mommy brought me to Kingsbrook so the doctor could figure out why I keep having skin problems.  The doctor gently scraped my skin and looked at some cells under the microcsope.  He told my mommy that I had a skin infection caused by bacteria.  He also said that reason I have had more than one skin infection in the past is probably because I suffer from allergies.  

It seems that there are several types of allergies that dogs (and cats, but who cares about them!) can get.  We can be allergic to some of the ingredients in our food, we can have a very itchy reaction if we are allergic to flea saliva & get bitten by them, and we can also be allergic to the same things that cause our people to sneeze & get itchy, runny eyes.  

Dr. Davis said that because of the time of year, right in the middle of Spring, it’s most likely that I’m allergic to something in the air, but unlike people, who sneeze from allergies, dogs get itchy skin!  He put me on an antibiotic to fight my skin infection which should help with a lot of my itching, and also he’s also giving me some antihistamines and fatty acid supplements.  If those medications don’t give me relief, we may have to try another type of newer medicine for hard to treat allergies, or he may send me to a doggy dermatologist to find out exactly what’s causing my allergies & start me on allergy shots that help most dogs feel much better (he promised me that if I need shots, they will use a tiny needle & give lots of treats!).