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Adopting Mindy

Adopting Mindy

2-Mindy 3

Pet adoption is something no one should enter into lightly. It takes a lot of thought and consideration to make a sound decision about making a lifelong commitment to an animal. Being a veterinary technician, many animals have crossed my path and I have chosen on more occasions than not, I should  make that lifelong commitment. It is hard to explain why certain animals tugged at my heart strings more than others but the choices I’ve made have always been with the intention to care for my pets until death.

1-Mindy 2

Broken Left Leg

Mindy came to Kingsbrook Animal Hospital after being picked up by Frederick County Animal Control as a stray. She had an obviously fractured left hind leg and came to us for radiographic evaluation of the fracture. Upon taking the x-rays it was discovered that her left hind leg had multiple breaks of 3 bones in her leg. It was decided that the best option for then, Elsa, was to return to the shelter and cage rest for 6-8 weeks to allow the fractures to potentially heal. On that first visit I was immediately impressed at this little dogs resiliency. Despite an incredibly painful injury she was very vibrant, energetic and incredibly friendly and outgoing. Her actions lent to the fact that her pain tolerance was likely very high.


Healed fracture

When she returned to clinic 4 weeks later for follow up radiographic evaluation, I had the opportunity to spend time with her and on some level she spoke to me and my heart was won over. I rationalized that even with good healing of her breaks that her leg was susceptible to early arthritis and that weight management and joint supplements would be crucial to her comfort in the future. I was worried that someone without my medical understanding of her injury would let these things go by the wayside. At least, this is what I told myself to validate my decision to adopt her.

Over time, her injuries have healed very well, she has never complained, and is quite spry and energetic. I keep her on the thin side and give her Dasuquin, a joint supplement, every day. She also eats J/D, a prescription diet made by Science Diet, that helps preserve joint function and comfort. She is a sweet, kind and loving dog that gives us a great deal of joy. We are very lucky to be able to care for her.

Adopting a pet is incredibly rewarding because you are ultimately giving a living creature a second chance at a good life!

Molly’s Lucky Day

Kingsbrook Animal Hospital veterinarian, Dr. Davis, and his family recently adopted an adorable puppy they named Molly! When he brought her to Kingsbrook to meet us, we couldn’t help but take the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

1-Dr Davis working with Molly

Melissa: Congratulations on your adoption of Molly!

MD: Thank you.. we really got lucky with her!

Melissa: What led you to the decision to adopt a dog?

MD: As with many things, it just seemed to happen.   My wife’s cousin sent me a picture of a cute puppy she wanted to adopt and asked if I would be a good-owner reference to the rescue group for her. She then told me that there were more pups from that litter, and that was pretty much it for me.   Of course, I’m pretty sure the whole thing was a conspiracy between my wife and her cousin…

Melissa: Haha! Did you do any research to help you decide what kind of dog would be a good fit for your family?

MD: We have small children and live near water, so we were thinking about a medium to large dog that liked to swim & would be more tolerant of children.   The rescue group suspected that Molly was a labrador mix, but it turns out she is mostly golden retriever, despite her coloring. We expected her to be larger, too, but we are very happy that it seems she will only weigh about 30 lbs when she is full grown.

Melissa: What is Molly’s favorite thing to do? Or maybe your favorite thing to do with Molly? 🙂

MD: Molly has lots of things she loves to do. She loves the kids, especially when they drop food from the table, she also loves to swim and chase her ball.

Melissa: And her least favorite?

MD: Her least favorite thing is getting into the car, even when it’s to go somewhere fun! We are working on that & she already seems to be less reluctant to hop in with us.

Regardless of not yet loving car rides, all of our KAH family could agree that Molly is a very lucky girl. We are so happy for Dr. Davis and his family!

1-Dr. Davis and Molly

Jamie’s Forever Home

When I was seventeen, my parents gave me permission to get my first dog. I knew I wanted a young, adult dog, a dog that would be good with cats (we had four at the time), and a small to medium sized dog. I wasn’t sure what breed would be the best fit, but I knew I wanted to adopt a dog from a rescue or shelter. So, I began my research and journey to find the perfect dog for me.

I read up on all kinds of breeds of dogs and their general temperament, grooming needs, and trainability. Once I had a general idea of what breed would be a potential match, I started searching the internet for rescues and shelters that were located close to me. Then I came across

Petfinder_Logo_web allows you to search all rescues/shelters from all over the country. You can search by your zip code and distance and narrow your results by the type of pet you want, their breed, age, and gender. You can additionally search for pets that are housebroken, declawed, have special needs, and the rescue/shelters tell you if the pet is good with children and other pets. shows you pictures and descriptions of each pet and also has helpful articles to read and resources to check out.

After looking on for a few months, I found a dog whose picture melted my heart. She was perfect in every way and was located in Harrisburg, PA. I quickly contacted the rescue and set up a time to go meet her for the first time. When my parents and I pulled up to the rescue, Jamie (then named Connie), was waiting for us outside. We took her home that day and she’s been my little fur-baby ever since.

Here is a picture of little Jamie!



If you are looking to rescue a pet, I would highly recommend using to aid in your search. If you have questions about adoption, our team at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital would be happy to help in any way we can. We are located in beautiful Frederick, Maryland.


Adoption Options in Frederick, MD

Many of you are aware of Frederick County Animal Control, a division of Frederick County Government located on Rosemont Avenue. They have dogs, cats, rabbits and pocket pets available for adoption. The animals can be viewed at the shelter, on the internet via Petfinder, or Petango. They also have a Facebook page that have pictures of available animals.

Animal Contol


The Frederick Humane Society is an animal welfare group that provides resources and programs to pet owners. Presently it does not have a shelter, but does have several cats in its office available for adoption.


Another, maybeanimalfrederickcounty less known place to adopt in Frederick, MD, is the Animal Welfare League. The Animal Welfare League is a no kill organization that provides foster care until permanent placement can be found. Their animals available for adoption can be viewed on Petfinder.




Pet Connect Rescue is another network that fosters canines and felines until they find their forever home. They also have a transitional temporary refuge, Muddy Paws Farm, in Mt Airy, MD. Their animals available for adoption can be found at They also have Meet and Greets and scheduled 2-3 times a month where animals can be viewed. The schedule of events/activities can be also be viewed on their website.

We at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital have the opportunity to meet many incredible animals that have been adopted from all of these wonderful animal welfare groups! Adopting an animal is a decision that should not be made lightly- Most of these animals have previously lived in other homes and deserve to find their forever home. If your not ready for adoption, all these groups are always in need for loving volunteers!

Here are some of the pet’s we’ve seen be adopted locally here in Frederick!



To read more about Coconut, please see our blog at: Coconut’s Story



To read more about Chihiro, please see our blog at: Chihiro’s Story


Lookin for Love

Hi! I am a sweet male stray kitty in need of home. I was neutered, dewormed and vaccinated at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital. I tested negative for Felv/FiV. You can visit me at the hospital or call for more information.

Unique Joys of Adopting Mature Pets

Sure, puppies and kittens are cute but these babies require an extensive commitment of time and energy from their guardians. Busy schedules and commitments keep many owners from being able to provide the kind of care that young animals require. Mature dogs have likely gone through some basic obedience training and adult cats are more likely to be litter-box trained. Although older pets may be less demanding, that doesn’t mean that they don’t require pet parents to be responsible and devoted.

Forming a strong connection with a pet has little to do with the animal’s age, setting aside the notion that a puppy or kitten will bond better with it’s new family. A mature pet is also more likely to interact better with children as puppies can nip and kittens claw inadvertently.

It is important for animal lovers to remember that the adorable kitten or pint-size puppy will grow up and that adult animals can be every bit as sweet, cute and playful as their younger counterparts. It is also much easier to get a sense of a mature animal’s size, temperament and personality which can assist in making a more informed decision on adopting.

Adopting a homeless animal is an act of compassion, as many older pets have an increasingly hard time finding an adoptive family. More and more animal-lovers are finding out that mature pets can be taught new tricks – like learning how to love again.

A special needs cat seeks a home!

Chase, a sweet-natured, 8-month old gray cat, was recently diagnosed with feline leukemia in his bone marrow. Although he tested negative for feline leukemia with the blood test, and thus is probably not shedding the virus, he could at some future stage infect other cats. As a result, Chase needs a home where he is an only cat or lives with other feline leukemia positive cats. Right now, Chase is eating like a horse, plays, is exceptionally loving, and his gums are a healthy pink! Currently, Chase must be confined since he cannot be with my other foster cats.

Chase is a beautiful, sweet boy who clearly wants to live! I cannot euthanize him while he is still playing, eating, and full of pep!

I will pay for his food and medication (2 pills once a day) for the duration of his life; Chase deserves to have a nice life for whatever time Chase has. If Chase’s anemia returns, there is little that can be done for him. If, on the other hand, he continues to get stronger and becomes less anemic, he may have a chance to enjoy a few years.

Right now he is a delight! He plays, he is sweet-natured, and loves to be around other cats and people.

I would greatly appreciate any help, advice, or suggestions. Email me at .

Single black female looking for love

I am a single, black female looking for love. I tend to be quiet and shy around strangers but warm up once I get to know you. I love to spend time indoors and snuggle with my one and only. I will be 2 years old in March. I have been spayed, microchipped and am up to date on my vaccinations. I am a victim of divorce and am looking for someone to love.

If you have room in your heart and are interested in adopting Blackie, please contact Nora (Monday, Wednesday or Fridays) at 301-631-6900. Serious inquiries only, please.