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Kingsbrook Animal Hospital Insight (Part 2)

We asked our team a few questions about KAH, here are some of their answers:
 First thought, one word- KAH is _______

            Melissa: Multifaceted

            Kelly: Awesome
            Maureen: Awesome
            Megan: Fuzzy
            Samantha: Awesome
            Nora: Friendly
            Katie: Family
            Ranee: Awesome
            Lainey: Caring
            Julie: Family
            Ann: Quality
            Tiffanie: Heartfelt
            Morgan: Awesome
            Haley: Family
            Dr. Cardella: Unique
            Dr. Davis: Compassion
Tiffanie, Melissa and Nikki wrapping presents for our adopted Christmas family

 I work at KAH because…
            Melissa: The medicine is great. The people are like family. The service we strive to provide is motivating.

            Kelly: I love to work with animals and the people who care for them!
Maureen: I love all animals and the people that love their animals.
            Megan: It makes me feel important!
            Samantha: I am appreciated and valued as a member of the team.
            Nora: My skills are utilized and appreciated and I feel useful in this environment.
            Katie: I feel valued and appreciated. My input is important.
            Ranee: It allows me to promote the human-animal bond, practice quality medicine and utilizes my education and technical skills.
            Lainey: The staff and doctors really care for animals and love their job. The high standard of patient/client care.
            Julie: Where else would I work?!
            Ann: I believe in the medicine/treatment we give here.
            Tiffanie: Standard of care, compassion, progressive medicine.
            Haley: I love animals & the people here J
            Dr. Cardella: I have followed Dr. Davis more then once.
            Dr. Davis: I’m proud of what we do here. Not only for pets, but their owners and our staff too!
Dr Davis, Katie and Basil visiting a elementary school
Be serious, I love KAH because…

             Melissa: Work is often a place it seems you spend more time there than at home… At KAH, I don’t mind.

            Maureen: Everyone here provides the best care.
            Megan: Because of the people.
            Samantha: They provide a positive learning environment.
            Nora: of the relationships I have with everyone on the KAH team.
            Katie: Too many reasons!
            Ranee: I get to educate people on how to care for their pets so they can have a long, healthy, happy life.
            Lainey: They value and utilize their technicians
            Julie: They allow me to do the job I love and always encourage learning and thinking outside the box.
Ann:Compassionate, hardworking people. Good medicine. Ethical.
            Tiffanie: We are truly a family.
            Haley: We love unconditionally (like dogs). No matter who/what’s going on, we want to help & genuinely care.
            Morgan: Everyone is so close knit like a family.
            Dr. Cardella: Everyone reallycares.
            Dr. Davis: The people who work her are awesome.
Nora, Julie and Melissa at Frederick Pride


What is your favorite KAH event?

            Melissa: I can’t pick one!

            Kelly: Santa pics- who doesn’t love their dogs pics with Santa!
            Maureen: Santa pics
            Megan: Haunted Hospital
            Samantha: Haunted Hospital
            Nora: the first Paws and Claws 5k and staff retreats
            Katie: Haunted Hospital- so far, although Frederick Pride was fun too!
            Ranee: The staff retreats. It is always good to bond and distress with my team.
            Lainey: Alive @ Five
            Julie: The first Paws and Claws 5k, but they are all memorable! And fun!
            Ann: The race was fun.
            Tiffanie: Haunted Hospital
            Haley: Santa pictures- just love that time of year!
            Dr. Cardella: Crazy Saturdays
            Dr. Davis: Haunted Hospital vs Secret santa gift exchange

Kingsbrook Animal Hospital Insight (Part 1)

Fun Times with our KAH Family

We asked our team a few questions about KAH, here are some of their answers:

What is KAH to you?

            Melissa: THE place to work.

            Megan: My Family.

            Samantha: Family

            Nora: KAH is family, a career, a great place to spend 40 hours a week.

            Katie: Second home- a place I look forward to coming to.

            Ranee: A dedicated family of caring pet professionals.

            Julie: The best animal hospital to work at. Period. J

            Tiffanie: A family.

            Morgan: KAH is a place that is willing to go the extra mile for a clients/animal to ensure the best veterinary medicine.

            Haley: Work. But work I actually enjoy J

            Dr. Cardella: A family. A home. A hospital to help others.

            Dr. Davis: The best hospital out there. Some place I’m very proud of.
Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund donation to Small Angels Rescue

What made you want to work at KAH?

            Melissa:The warm people when I walked in the door.

            Kelly: Animals

            Maureen: Very caring atmosphere & employees

            Megan: The people, the environment, the patient care.

            Samantha: Friendly atmosphere, utilization as a technician.

            Nora: I started here when the practice was only 15 months old. Dr. Cook and Dr. Davis seemed nice and I needed a job.

            Katie: Everyone seems to be at the top of their game. It is a place where learning is valued and encouraged.

            Lainey: The standard of patient care and the KAH staff members.

            Julie: High standards, very smart, friendly people, RVTs are valued and appreciated.

            Tiffanie: Standard of care & the fact that everyone shares the same compassion. <3>

            Morgan: Friendliness of the staff, seemed like an ideal work environment

            Dr. Cardella: To be part of creating a place that was extra special.

            Dr. Davis: The chance to work with Dr. Cook everyday!
KAH representing at the Paws and Claws 5K

 Be silly, I love KAH because…

              Melissa: Throwing nerf brains, having light saber fights, cheers nights, debating nutella buttercream, pie in the face… anything can happen.

            Megan: I can say things like, “Nutella Buttercream” and everyone gets it.

            Samantha: They hired me even when I didn’t know why I was calling!

            Nora: It’s a diligent, yet fun work environment.

            Katie: We Rock!

            Ranee: I can be myself.

            Lainey: Mo lives here!

            Julie: I get to work with a bunch of people who are just as crazy as I am!

            Tiffanie: I can be myself and have fun with my teammates.

            Haley: Moe Bird’s kisses & breakfast company (his breakfast.. not mine)

            Dr. Cardella: People like to laugh and playfully tease each other.

            Dr. Davis: Where else will I ever get a pie thrown in my face.
KAH Vet Academy

What is your favorite KAH memory?

             Melissa: Nutella Buttercream, the first holiday poem, taking care of the ‘steves’ (kittens) or just when we are together for outings.

            Kelly: There are so many, I’m not sure if I have just one!

            Maureen: Moving the Christmas tree with Kelly for photos.

            Megan: All of the retreats. CE in Reno. Holiday parties.  Alive at Five. Both Haunted Hospitals.

            Samantha: Holiday Party

            Nora: Too many!

            Katie: Mel’s poem so far!

            Ranee: The compassion that was shown to me after my house/fire and the loss of Kylie and Cricket.

            Lainey: Hot Fired Arts Christmas Party

           Julie: Too many! KAH retreats, running the 5k!

            Ann: Going to Canaan Valley.

            Tiffanie: The message I received from everyone the day Sean and I got married. <3 face="Cambria" font="">

            Haley: “Family Outings” (Ann S’s retirement dinner, holiday party- creating art)

            Dr. Cardella: Melissa’s Christmas Poems

            Dr. Davis: Don’t know. Not done making them… we will have to see…

Kingsbrook Animal Hospital The Beginning

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

How it all began…

Doctors Morse Davis and Adrienne Cardella grew up about 2 miles from each other in Bethesda, Maryland, but never knew each other prior to veterinary school. Doctor Cook grew up on a farm in the mountains of West Virginia.

They all met on their first day of veterinary school at Ohio State in September of 1989. After graduation, each went their own separate ways. Dr. Cardella worked in Alexandria, Virginia; Dr. Cook went to Leesburg, Virginia; and Dr. Davis worked at a hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. After 10 months, Dr. Cardella accepted a position at Quince Orchard Veterinary Hospital in Gaithersburg, Maryland. 

Drs. Brent Cook and Morse Davis

In the spring of 1994, doctors Cook and Cardella bumped into Dr. Davis during a solar eclipse. Dr. Cardella mentioned her new job at Quince Orchard and Dr. Davis joined her a few months later. Doctors Cook and Cardella then married in 1996. Dr. Cook and Dr. Davis began talking about opening their own hospital someday, and after years of exploring the demographics of different areas, exploring neighborhoods, and meeting with realtors, they decided that the Kingsbrook area of Frederick would be the home of their new animal hospital! They saw their first patients in March of 1999, when Dr. Cardella was home raising her and Dr. Cook’s daughter, Alice. 

Dr. Adrienne Cardella and Ann Carlson, assistant
In the beginning, Doctors Cook and Davis took turns at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, doing relief work at other hospitals on their off days. At this point, there was only one doctor and one other person working the hospital each day. Each person wore many different hats, working as a veterinarian, an information technologist, receptionist, technician and even a janitor! Fortunately, word spread and our hospital grew quickly. Today, we are lucky enough to support 5 doctors and over 20 staff members. We have grown because of our amazing clients and we are forever in their debt!

Why you love KAH Contest

Your pets have told us why they love KAH. (Remember our I love KAH contest?)
This month, you will see why the KAH team love’s KAH.
Now it’s time for YOU to tell us- Why do YOU love KAH?
On March 31st, we will randomly give away a grand prize gift card for a tasting party at Oil & Vinegar in Frederick, Md! (This is a $100 value!) In order to be entered into the drawing, all you need to do is tell us in one sentence- Why YOU love KAH.

Tiffanie and the Oil and Vinegar Gift Card!

(check out Kingsbrook Animal Hospital’s holiday party to see how much fun a tasting party can be! It includes cocktails, sampling of various oils, vinegars, and appetizers, and also includes a cooking demonstration- for you and 10 of your friends!)

Other random prizes include, KAH travel mugs, KAH t-shirts, and dog and cat goodies!  
The KAH Holiday Party at Oil and Vinegar

Email or facebook message us your entry today! (make sure to include your name and best way to contact you!)

We will be announcing winners throughout the month with the grand prize being announced March 31st so message us now to enter!!