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Hi!  My name is Woodstock, just like Snoopy’s little bird friend.  I got my name because of how I looked when I first came to Kingsbrook Animal Hospital.   I was abandoned at a very young age, and was found by an animal control officer, who took me to Kingsbrook right away.  I was in pretty bad shape, I had eye & ear infections, my entire body was covered with mange mites, and I was so skinny, I only weighed 1 pound!  That same day my future Mom, Lynn,  saw me for the first time.  She told me that at first, she couldn’t believe I was a dog!  She picked me up and held me for the rest of the day and told me that she would foster me until I was healthy enough to be adopted. 
Every day, I went to work with Lynn so I could continue my treatments and get fed, fed and fed some more.  On cold days, my mom put sweaters on me (I was so tiny, she made the sweaters herself out of colorful socks.)  They were very festive.  I got better every day and my Mom officialy adopted me after one week.  I am now very healthy and I tip the scales at 5 pounds!  I still go to work with my mom almost every day.  Please stop by and see me – I love to meet new people!
– Woodstock


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