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Weight Loss Success at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital

Kerry and Cryus

Hi!  My name is Kerry and I’m one of the registered veterinary technicians at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital.  My dog, Cyrus, is a 9 year old German Shepherd mix. I adopted him from Murray State University, the school I attended for veterinary technology.  Like many other dogs, Cyrus lays around, not doing much while I’m at work.  Last year, I began to notice he was looking a little heavier than usual. Cyrus has been fed the same portion of Hill’s Science Diet, with only a few treats, his whole life.  I first tried decreasing his daily food intake and completely took away treats.  Unfortunately, he did not lose weight.  In fact, he was still continuing to gain!  

Finally, defeated and frustrated, I brought him in to see one of our veterinarians.  After a comprehensive physical exam by Dr. Cook, Cyrus began the Hill’s Metabolic Diet plan.  We first took Cyrus’  measurements. These measurements help us to calculate the appropriate amount of food to feed each day. This also accounts for treats, which made Cyrus very happy. The rest was easy! I fed the measured amount of food and treats and weighed Cyrus each month. It’s been
4 months and with this specialized food, in measured portions,
Cyrus has lost 6 pounds!

Look at that waistline!

Cyrus is now at his ideal weight of 40 pounds.  Now, he looks good and feels great! I now use the Hill’s Metabolic Diet as his maintenance food.   He gets to eat double the amount of food and is the healthiest he has been in the past year.  He is a weight loss inspiration to all Kingsbrook Animal Hospital patients!


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