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Watson’s Lucky day

Last September,  a little mixed breed dog was presented to our hospital.  It seems that someone saw fit to shoot him with a shot gun because this poor, homeless creature had the nerve to root through their trash looking for a meal.  Frightened & in pain, “Watson” took refuge under a porch until an animal control officer could rescue him.  
The officer brought Watson to Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, where he could be treated for his injuries.  Dr. Cook examined him and despite the pain from his injuries, Watson proved to be very sweet and gentle.  X-rays revealed that he had multiple fragments of buck-shot deep in the muscles of his hind end (as seen in the image at the top-right, all of the white dots are the metal fragments from the shotgun injury).  He was treated for his injuries, and hospitalized to make sure he would do well.
The very next day turned out to be the luckiest day of his life!  Eileen, one of our client service representatives, was the first one in to work.  She found Watson in his cage, wagging his tail because he was so happy to see her.  He was a little nervous at first, coming out of his cage,  but once Eileen gave him some attention, he soaked it up like a sponge.
Later that day, Watson was taken to the Frederick County Animal Shelter  in the hopes he would get adopted.  Unfortunately, he was so scared that he wasn’t able to demonstrate his sweet and lovable persona.  Eileen kept checking up on him, and when it was clear that his nervousness prevented him from finding a home while at the shelter, she decided to foster Watson herself.
Watson is still with Eileen, she’s determined to show him that people can be kind, and that he will be cared for.  His step-brothers Jake & Cannon are even teaching him how to retrieve!  As you can see in the picture above… he even has to dress up for the holidays!


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