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Unique Joys of Adopting Mature Pets

Sure, puppies and kittens are cute but these babies require an extensive commitment of time and energy from their guardians. Busy schedules and commitments keep many owners from being able to provide the kind of care that young animals require. Mature dogs have likely gone through some basic obedience training and adult cats are more likely to be litter-box trained. Although older pets may be less demanding, that doesn’t mean that they don’t require pet parents to be responsible and devoted.

Forming a strong connection with a pet has little to do with the animal’s age, setting aside the notion that a puppy or kitten will bond better with it’s new family. A mature pet is also more likely to interact better with children as puppies can nip and kittens claw inadvertently.

It is important for animal lovers to remember that the adorable kitten or pint-size puppy will grow up and that adult animals can be every bit as sweet, cute and playful as their younger counterparts. It is also much easier to get a sense of a mature animal’s size, temperament and personality which can assist in making a more informed decision on adopting.

Adopting a homeless animal is an act of compassion, as many older pets have an increasingly hard time finding an adoptive family. More and more animal-lovers are finding out that mature pets can be taught new tricks – like learning how to love again.


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