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Turtle Limb Amputation

Ella the box turtle was presented to our hospital by Last Chance Wildlife Rescue. She had a traumatic amputation of her left rear leg. Part of the leg had been bitten or torn off and the skin had healed over the wound. When the original injury occured, bacteria invaded the wound. During healing, the skin covered over the wound trapping the bacteria. The bacteria multiplied and Ella’s immune system went into overdrive sending white blood cells to the infected site. Since the resulting purulent discharge had nowhere to drain, an abscess formed.

Dr Davis administered pain medication to Ella, sedated her, placed an improvised endotrachael tube down her throat and anesthetized her for surgery. He opened the skin, removed the infected bone and tissue, copiously flushed out the surgery site to remove the bacteria and sutured the incision closed.

Ella is doing well after her surgery. She will be rehabilitated by the volunteers at the Last Chance Wildlife Rescue and when she is strong enough, return to the wild.


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