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Tidbits: Factual, Funny, Fascinating

* The story of a rescued cat that lived for 19 years in a small town library has sold for about $1.25 million. Grand Central Publishing bought the book, entitled “Dewey, a Small Town, a Library and the World’s Most Beloved Cat.” New York Times 4/4/07

* National Human Genome Research Institute is looking into the reasons why dogs vary so much in size, which can improve understanding of diseases caused by growth gone awry. Associated Press 4/5/07

* Missing sleep may cause the brain to stop producing new cells. A team from Princeton University found a lack of sleep in rats affected the hippocampus, a brain region involved in forming memories. BBC News 2/7/07

* The last animal listed in the American Heritage Dictionary, 2000, is the Zyzzyva, a tropical weevil. www.freakyanimals.com

* A new study ranked U.S. cities that exemplify superior care, services, and legislation for pet’s health and well being. It analyzed 30 different criteria ranging from veterinarian-to-pet ratios to incidence of obesity to rabies legislation. The top five cities are: 1. Denver, 2. Oakland, Portland, Anaheim, and San Francisco. Press release 3/19/07

* A Boston terrier named Mickey that disappeared 4 years ago from his Kansas City backyard was reunited with his owners. They received a call from an animal shelter 1,100 miles away in Montana thanks to an embedded microchip. Associated Press 4/5/07


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