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Tidbits: Factual, Funny, Fascinating

*Researchers in Austria found that dogs can classifly complex color photographs and place them into categories with computer automated touch screens. While this demonstrated that dogs are able to form a concept (“dog”), it did not determine whether they recognized the pictures as actual dogs. sciencedaily.com

*A New Mexico firm is building all-wood human coffins in a partnership with People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The coffins bear painted slogans such as “Told You I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In Fur!” Associated Press

*Fossils unearthed in China may help explain how turtles got their shells. The 220-million-year-old fossils had only plastrons, the part that protects the turtle’s belly, which supports the theory that plastrons evolved to form a complete carapace. National Geographic

*An AVMA study found that veterinarians have a very high level of job satisfaction, just behind clergy, teachers, and psychologists, and above physicians and lawyers. Veterinarians rated well above average compared to all jobs. avma.org

*A new player in the pet-pampering arena is Doggy Adventures, a New Jersey company that goes beyond dog-walking by taking dogs on a 90-minute day trip for play and exercise. Dogs are grouped according to temperament and physical ability. Philadelphia Inquirer


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