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The Treat Tonnage

Many pet owners love to lavish their pets with between meal treats. What most pet owners don’t realize is that all those delectables increase your pets density. Before you give Fiffy or Fido that next Bacon wrapped morsel you may want to consider a healthier option. The number one ailment we see in dogs is obesity. Obese pets can literally be crippled with pain due to osteoarthritis. The easiest way to prevent your loved one from this chronic pain is by keeping Linus lean! This does not mean that you need to cut treats out of you pets diet completely. We actually encourage owners to use treats to reward positive behaviors.Treats are an excellent way to motivate you pet to keep up the good work.Those rewards should be factored into the amount of food your pet consumes each day. Remember that it’s not about the size of the treat you give, it’s the reward that really matters. That means Lucky will be just as pleased to receive 1/4 of a milkbone as the whole thing.

Commercially available treats are often high in fat, sugar, and sodium. While these things help make the treats delicious, they are also calorie packed. Some single treats can be equivinent to as much as one fourth of a small dog’s daily calorie requirements. So how do you still reward your pet without packing on the pounds? Try a healthier alternative such as baby carrots. A ration of 4 baby carrots costs your pet only 24 precious calories. Not bad huh? Greenbeans are only 18 calories for 1 full ounce. If your pet has a sweet tooth, try 1/4 of a medium apple for only 20 little calories. SO if you choose the treats wisely you can still gift your pet without widening his girth!


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