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The Importance of Exercise to Assist in Weight Loss

If you have a pet that is overweight and you already quantify how much you are feeding, but don’t know what else you can do?  Keep reading!

EXERCISE helps facilitate any weight loss program and has a lot of other benefits too.  Some of the benefits to exercising include weight loss, decrease risk of health conditions and is a great way to bond with your pet.

EXERCISE with your dog by taking a daily walk.  It is a great way to start off any exercise program.  Daily walking provides not only physical fitness, but also enrichment.  There are many walking paths in and around the Frederick, MD area.  Ann and her dog Quin enjoy walking different paths around Gambrill State Park.  Quin loves all of the different sights and sounds along the way.  Jogging is another way to exercise with your pet.  If you are a runner, like our technician Julie, then perhaps you might include your four legged friend too. 

EXERCISE for your pet doesn’t have to be running or walking.  Alternative activities, such as playing ball or using a laser light, can get your pet moving and is a fun way to bond.  The dog park is another great alternative to exercise your dog.  Dog parks not only offer a chance for your pooch to run around, but also to socialize with other dogs and people too.

Why would my veterinarian be concerned about my pet being overweight?  With excessive weight gain there is a higher risk for conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and high blood pressure.  At Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, we care about educating our pet owners of the importance of maintaining their pets at a healthy weight. So, get out, have fun and exercise!


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