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Behavior Changes and Pain in Aging Cats

As cats age, we generally see changes in their behavior. The wild and crazy playful activities we associate with kittens gives way to adult cats sleeping in the sun and

Neutering in Rabbits

What is neutering? Neuter is also referred to as orchidectomy or castration. It is a surgical procedure in which the testicles are removed in order to sterilize or render infertile,

Polycythemia Vera

What is polycythemia vera, and what are the symptoms? Polycythemia vera, or “true” polycythemia, is a rare disease of dogs and cats in which too many red blood cells (RBCs)

Travel – Airplane Travel with your Cat

I’m planning an airplane trip and would like to take my cat with me. What arrangements are necessary? Cats travel on planes every day. Although some highly publicized mishaps occur


General Information ƒ Toxoplasma gondii is a protozoal parasite capable of infecting any warm-blooded animal, including humans. ƒ Cats are the only species which can shed one of the infective

Skin – Cutaneous Histiocytoma

What are histiocytes cells and what do they do? The histiocyte group of cells are part of the body’s immune surveillance system. They take up and process foreign antigens, such


What Are Dermatophytes? Dermatophytes are fungi that are most commonly found on the skin and hair of animals and people. Skin infection caused by dermatophytes is referred to as ringworm,

Pet Selection – Guidelines

Seeking guidance before obtaining a new pet can prevent many behavior and health problems in pets. Such a consultation will help you select the best pet for the household, but

Overweight, Obesity and Pain in Cats: Action Steps

Overweight and obesity have emerged as the most important disease processes in cats today. The perils of obesity are farreaching. It shortens cats’ lives and can actually contribute to chronic


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