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Spread The Love: Kingsbrook Animal Hospital Shares 5 Ways To Love Your Pet Without Food

When those big brown (or golden!) eyes are staring up at you, tugging at your heartstrings, it’s so hard not to reward your pet with a tasty treat. Unfortunately, almost 60% of all pets in the United States are overweight, which means there’s a good chance Fido or Fluffy doesn’t really need that treat.  What else can you do to reward your pet for his or her above-and-beyond cuteness?  Below, Kingsbrook Animal Hospital offers up some ideas on other ways to show your fur-baby some love.

  1. Go For a Walk Most pooches will really enjoy some extra time
    Your pooch will thank you for taking him or her out on a walk – especially if there are new friends involved! KAH CSR Elizabeth is at Bark in the Park.

    outdoors with their favorite human. Getting up and getting active is also a great way to help banish that winter weight.

  2. Cuddle Up on the Couch Sometimes it’s just not possible to get outside, so give your pet a chunk of uninterrupted quality time and reconnect.
  3. Try Out A New Toy We love laser pointers and the Cat Dancer for our feline friends, and Kongs and puzzle toys for dogs. Try feeding your pet’s regular meal
    KAH technician Abby cuddles up on the couch with her pooch Peri.

    in a food puzzle toy to add some mental stimulation.

  4. Schedule a Play Date Some pets really like the chance to interact with other animals. If this is the case for your furry friend, call up a friend with a trusted and vaccinated pet for yours to socialize with. Bonus: you’ll get some human socialization too!
  5. Bring Your Pet in For a Physical Exam This may sound counter-intuitive, but all pets should see a veterinarian once a year for an
    KAH veterinarian Dr Lynch is performing a physical exam. Has your pet been to see us this year?

    annual check-up. Mature pets (8+ years of age) should have biannual check-ups, so that any age-related changes are noticed right away. Annual blood work, consults on behavior, and suggestions to help your pet age gracefully are just a few of the things the doctors at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital are able to help your pet with.  Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!


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