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Soft Paws

Above: Otis models his Halloween colored soft paws nail caps.

Scratching is a cat behavior that some pet owners find offensive. Especially when it results in the destruction of furnishings, drapes, carpet and other household valuables. Scratching is a natural instinct that cats should be able to exercise in one way or another. We at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital advocate offering your cat a variety of scratching surfaces such as corrugated cardboard and posts that offer different textures of carpet as well as sisal rope. For those cats who still have a tendency to go to things that their owners don’t want them to scratch, Otis is modeling softpaws. Softpaws are a safe and painless remedy to the scratching problems experienced by some cat owners. They are a soft rubber nail cap that is glued to the nails. The cat is still able to exercise their claws but the sharp tip of the nail is covered to eliminate any damage to fabrics and other surfaces. Otis was recently adopted from Frederick County Animal Control along with a young adult cat named Bentley who is wearing Halloween color soft paws as well.

If anyone has questions about where to acquire and how to apply softpaws please call the clinic any time or visit www.softpaws.com.


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