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Small Angels Rescue

KAH’s assistant, Sam’s guinea pigs Roderick and Hawke.

 If you are looking to adopt a small animal, such as a gerbil, guinea pig, chinchilla, mouse, hamster, or rat look no further than Small Angels Rescue. Founded in the fall of 2003, Small Angels Rescue is based out of Frederick, Maryland, and assists animal shelters in the greater Washington D.C., metropolitan area.

Since October of 2003, Small Angels has rescued over 2,000 animals and they adopt out about 40 animals per month. Small Angels gives priority to animals that are scheduled to be euthanized, giving them another chance at finding a loving home. Small Angels is only composed of volunteers (they have no paid staff) that are all dedicated to the care and adoption of their furry little fosters. They do not have a shelter and are reliant on fosters to house their many animals. Consequently, they are always looking for fosters.

Dr. Davis examining Geronimo the mouse.

Fosters provide the animals with the daily care they require, as well as socialization and veterinary care, if needed.  In return, Small Angels provides full coverage of approved medical expenses, cages and supplies, as needed, free and discounted food and bedding, as well as a free membership. Small Angels does their best to find their adopters an animal that fits their lifestyle. Although they do not have a shelter for you to visit the animals, they have regular adoption events at the Frederick Petco every other Saturday from 10 am to noon.

Don’t forget, if you decide to adopt an animal from Small Angels Rescue, our veterinarians here at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital see all kinds of exotics! If you are interested in becoming a foster, adopting an animal, or you want more information- CLICK HERE!


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