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Show Your Pet How Much You Care

We love our pets more than ever. They are no longer just a diversion. In fact, they have become like children in the home for many of us. From the stories that Healthypet visitors share with us, it seems that you feel the same way. Pets entertain us, make us laugh, and love us unconditionally. What can we do to show them our thanks?

Following is a list of things you can do to show your pet how much you care:

Spend quality time with them by going for a walk, hanging out in the back yard, playing games with their favorite toys, or snuggling with them as you watch TV.

Always get them immediate veterinary care if you suspect that something is wrong. If you don’t have a solid relationship with your veterinarian, work on that for the sake of your pet. In this time of managed human health care, your pets often get better, more consistent, individualized care than we do. A respected veterinarian is your greatest ally.

Feed them healthy food intended for their consumption, not potato chips, cookies, and other fatty human foods.

Protect them from home hazards and from extremes of weather. They cannot protect themselves.

Update your pet’s identification tags. Many of us move or change phone numbers but forget to update the tags. Perish the thought, but if your pet gets lost, it’s one of the best tools to ensure a safe return. On that note, fix that fence if it is a problem. And if you have a master escapee in your home, talk to your veterinarian or a noted trainer in your area regarding appropriate, humane behavior modification for your pet.


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