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Setting a high standard of care for our surgical patients.

“Hi!  My name is Guinness.  Here I am taking a nice, restful nap just a few minutes after having my endotracheal tube removed after my neuter surgery.  Thanks to the well managed anesthesia and great combination of pain medications I have received today, I am feeling pretty good right now.  Note that I am resting with my monkey.  He has been with me all day (I think he was even at my nose while I was on the surgery table) and his familiar smell has helped me feel more comfortable and less anxious.”

At Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, we have 2 major goals we strive to achieve for our surgical patients.  They are to minimize our patients stress and maximize their comfort.  Your pet’s comfort and well being are at the heart of what we do.  

For our surgical patients, we achieve this by attaining as much information about our patients through thorough examinations and baseline blood work.  We tailor our anesthetic and pain management protocols to meet the needs of each individual patient.  We have a very knowledgeable and educated staff of licensed technicians monitoring your pet’s physical parameters and comfort level not only during the procedure, but throughout the recovery period as well.  We utilize intravenous catheters, circulating hot-water heating pads, advanced monitoring equipment and a multi-modal approach to pain management to aid us in keeping your pet safe and comfortable.  

Please feel free to ask one of our team members any questions you may have about the surgical process here at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital.

-Nora McKay-Clark, RVT


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