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Service Pet Peanut in Frederick, MD

Peanut chillaxin’ at KAH

 Throughout the year there are several days memorializing our service men and women. Today, we are saying a special thank you to one of our service pets in Frederick, MD: Peanut.  Peanut is a 13 year old Domestic Shorthair that was adopted by his owner, Katie, when he was 7 years old.  Shortly after Peanut’s adoption, Katie began taking him for “walks”- and by walks we mean rides in a pet stroller!  Peanut enjoyed getting outside into the fresh air and Katie started realizing that she had quite the unique kitty. 

Peanut visiting with Katie’s grandmother.

  After Katie’s grandmother fell ill and was placed in a nursing home, Katie took Peanut to visit with her.  She passed away the following day, but Peanut’s visit made her so happy.  That is why Katie started to take him to see other residents. Peanut enjoys himself as well!

  Peanut is now a therapy pet and regularly visits the nursing home with Katie.  His favorite toys are ear plugs, and he will even go so far as to remove them from Katie’s ears when she is sleeping if he is feeling frisky!  Katie- just make sure Peanut doesn’t eat the ear plugs or you will be visiting his veterinarian at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital.


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