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San Diego Zoo’s baby panda said to be doing fine after exam

Good news from the San Diego Zoo: The baby panda born July 29 passed its first close-up physical examination.

The panda was reported to be a robust 1.5-pounds, with a strong heart, good lungs, a calm demeanor, and a distinctive voice. The exam lasted but three minutes; the rule with panda cubs is for keepers to remain at a distance to let mother and baby bond properly.

There were limits to what could be observed: Veterinarians are still not sure about the baby’s gender.
While the exam was underway, keepers were watching mother Bai Yun to see if separation anxiety set in. It did not, zoo officials said.

The cub is Bai Yun’s sixth offspring since arriving at the zoo. But repetition has not dulled her talent for motherhood. She quickly cradled the cub when the two were reunited, officials said.

Plans are for Bai Yun and the offspring to remain in the den for several months, visible to the public on the zoo’s panda cam.


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