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Sammy’s Visit

Hi, my name is Sammy (I’m the cream colored one) and this is my brother, Oscar.  I came in to the hospital because I was feeling a little under the weather.  The technician, Ranee, came in to talk to my mom about taking care of me properly.  It turns out that my Mom is doing everything right!  I have a large cage with recycled newspaper bedding, a wheel and a sleeping box.  My Mom gives me nutritious food that is good to keep my teeth worn down.  And of course, I have my brother to play & snuggle with.

After the doctor examined me, he prescribed some medicine that was specially flavored just for me.  They had so many flavors (apple, orange, molasses, banana bread, etc)  it was hard for me to choose.  I hope the medicine is as yummy as it smells!  


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