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Rabbits for Easter Gifts? Kingsbrook Animal Hospital’s view

Rabbits are a familiar symbol of the Easter holiday. In the days leading up to Easter, they appear on television commercials, packages of candy and stores are filled with stuffed rabbits. It is no surprise that children beg their parents for a bunny of their own.  People who purchase these unique creatures are often unprepared for the care they need and quickly tire of them. In the months following Easter, local humane societies and rabbit rescues are flooded with these Easter gifts that are no longer wanted. The unlucky ones are dumped outside where predators, cars, illness, and injury virtually guarantee an early death.
Rabbits are a big responsibility.  They need unlimited amounts of fresh timothy hay to keep their teeth worn down. This can be messy. They need daily servings of fresh dark greens which can be expensive.  They can be litter box trained with a little patience, but you will sometimes find a fecal pellet here and there.  They are big chewers.  If left unsupervised, they will chew carpeting, woodwork and electrical wires.  This can be dangerous.

The veterinarians at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital want every rabbit’s first home to be their forever home.  We don’t recommend adopting or purchasing rabbits as gifts.  We ask that you do your homework before acquiring any pet to be prepared to care for that animal for its entire life.  If you have any questions regarding the care of a rabbit, call us in Frederick, MD at 301-631-6900.  Any member of our team would be happy to help you decide if a rabbit or any pet is a good fit for you.


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