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Presidential Pups

There has been a dog in the White House since 1920. Do you remember their names and breeds?

Charlie (Welsh Terrier)/John F. Kennedy

Liberty (Golden Retriever)/Gerald Ford

Him and Her (Beagles)/Lyndon B. Johnson

Millie (Springer Spaniel)/George Bush

FaLa (Scottish Terrier)/Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Laddie Boy (Airdale)/Warren Harding

Sweetlips (Hound)/George Washington

LeBeau (Greyhound)/John Tyler

Hector and Nellie (Shepherd dogs)/Rutherford Hayes

Faithful (Newfoundland)/Ulysses S. Grant

Mike (Irish Setter)/Harry S. Truman

Pete (Bull Terrier)/Theodore Roosevelt

King Tut (Police dog)/Herbert Hoover

Buddy (Chocolate Lab)/Bill Clinton

Checkers (Cocker Spaniel)/ Richard Nixon

Barney (Scottish Terrier)/George W. Bush

Lucky (Bouvier des Flanders)/ Ronald Reagan

Heidi (Weimaraner)/ Dwight D. Eisenhower


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