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Playing with a Bee….OUCH!!

Hello, my name is Marty.  I am a 1-year old HANDSOME domestic shorthaired cat who ended up with a paw that resembled a boxing glove.

A cute bee came for a visit on a sunny spring day and I was delighted to have spotted a buzzing friend.  I wanted to play with my new friend, but boy, I was SO WRONG!  I gently grasped the bee and I guess I startled the little creature;  it stung my right paw.  OUCH!  It was very, very painful and my right paw immediately became as big as a golf ball.  

Luckily, my mommy had some Benadryl available and gave me a dose to prevent any further allergic reactions to the bee sting.  I was so glad that my mommy was so knowledgeable.  Dr. Kim gave me a shot of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for pain relief and told my mommy to continue the benadryl for a few days.

What an eventful day!  I will not be playing with any buzzing friends from now on!


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