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Pesky Parasite Prevention in Frederick, MD

Monthly prevention for fleas and ticks is important to avoid diseases transmitted by these pesky little bugs. Kingsbrook Animal Hospital recommends two products: Frontline and NexGard. frontline for dogs


Frontline is a topical medication that stays within the oil glands of the skin and does not get absorbed into the body. For this reason, we do not see as many adverse reactions to it. Frontline kills adult fleas, eggs, larvae, and all stages of ticks.




If a topical medication makes you nervous, we also have NexGard available. NexGard is a beef-flavored chew given orally to dogs once per month. NexGard kills adult fleas (before they are able to lay eggs) and ticks. In a study, NexGard killed more than 99% of fleas within 8 hours of treatment and remains effective for a full month.


Year round prevention is recommended. It is difficult to know when the first flea or tick will emerge after winter and, if they do emerge early, it is best to have a preventative on board. Additionally, some tick species can survive even the harshest of winters and will emerge when temperatures are still as cold as 40-degrees. If you have any questions regarding flea and tick prevention, please call your veterinarian at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital in Frederick, Maryland.



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