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Periodontal Disease Vaccine

Have you heard about the NEW vaccine that aids in the prevention of Canine Periodontal Disease?

Pfizer has created a new vaccine called the Porphyromonas vaccine which helps to reduce the 3 main types of anaerobic bacteria that cause Periodontal Disease.
Periodontal Disease is the most common disease among dogs – it affects more than 8 out of 10 dogs by 3 years of age!
Periodontal Disease is caused by bacteria that live in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic bacteria). These bacteria cause inflammation and infection of the gums and bone surrounding your pets teeth.
It is important to note that this vaccine was designed to be used as part of a complete dental care program for your dog – it does not replace your current dental home care or professional cleanings.

To Find out more about this exciting new product please feel free to contact us at (301)631-6900.


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