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Pasture Raised Turkeys

“Over the past several years, consumers have become increasingly
interested in knowing more about their food. Is it locally produced?
Were any pesticides used on the crops? How was the livestock treated
and what sort of diets did the animals receive? Knowing more about
food production represents a healthy step towards becoming
better-informed consumers.

With the holiday season approaching, families might be interested in
continuing this trend by ordering their turkey, goose or other fowl
from one of the many local Maryland farms that raise these animals.
Rather than buying a shrink-wrapped bird with a plastic thermometer
button jammed into the breast, families can head out to the farm and
see where their bird was raised.”

There are various places to purchase locally grown, pasture raised
turkeys. Many local farms emphasize health and sustainability and use
no hormones, antibiotics or added chemicals.

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