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Original Cat Names

Admit it- your cat is worthy of the greatest name ever. Don’t settle for ‘Socks’ or ‘Kitty’ when you could have one of these excellent names!

Celtic cat names for boy cats: Arthur,Brian,Corey,Drew,Gavin,Tristan,Tully
Celtic cat names for girl cats: Dallas,Pixie,Sabrina,Sienna

Irish cat names: Bailey,Blarney,Conan,Dempsey,Dougal,Hugh,Keegan,Murphy,Paddy,Rory

Spanish cat names for girl cats: Blanca, Bonita, Chi-Chi, Esmerelda, GabriellaIsa, Bella, Maria,Rosita,Sierra

Spanish cat names for boy cats: Alex, Gato, Hombre, Martin, Pablo, Pepe, Salvador, Sebastian, Senor

Nombres Espanoles for boy and girl cats: Feliz, Leon, Loco,Oso, Rico, Rojo

Persian cat names for boys: Buddha, Genghis, Maestro, Pharaoh, Prince, Ramses, Sphinx
Persian cat names for girls: Cleopatra, Fantasia, Fatima, Josephine, Nyssa, Sheba

Persian cat names from Persia: Asad, Babir, Cyrus, Noor, Ramesh

Greek cat names for boy cats: Anthony, Archimedes, Damien, harpies, Jason, Oedipus, Orion, Otis, Socrates, Titus, Troy
Greek cat names for girl cats: Athena, Goddess, Octavia, Omega

Neutral Greek cat names: Alpha, Basil, Cash, Clark

Japanese cat names for girl cats: Aiko, Aki, Akira, Kara, Keiko, Kia, Kiko, Mika, Miki, Suki
Japanese cat names for boy cats: Kai, Kimo, Kuro, Niko, Suzake, Toro, Suzaku
Japanese cat names for boy and girl cats:Haiku, Obi, Sake, Sushi, Tsunami

Egyptian cat names: Cleo, Pharaoh, Phoenix, Tut
Egyptian cat names for girl cats: Cairo, Cleopatra, Sheba, Sphinx
More Egyptian cat names: Bennu, Harpies, Ramses


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