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Oh No! I have to pill my cat!

We all know that cats are difficult to pill. Here are some helpful ways to make it easier and take the anxiety out of medicating our feline friends.

1. Pill Pockets. These are great if your cat loves treats. It is a soft pocket that you place the pill in and conform around the pill to hide it. They come in chicken or salmon flavors.

2. FlavorX. Most pills can be compounded into a liquid and flavored to your cat’s liking.
Flavors range from tuna, fish chowder and chicken pot pie.

3. Felovite and a syringe. We remove the tip off a 3-ml syringe and pull the plunger back. Squeeze a bit of Felovite into syringe then hide the pill in it. Open your cat’s mouth and quickly push the plunger to administer the pill and Felovite.

Ask one of our trusty technicians which option would be best for you and your cat.


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